Consulting on the protection of IP rights

"We are helping to convert results of R&D into innovation composed of technology, brand and assets. By understanding the scientist`s conception and vision, we generate IP strategies."

Bragarnyk & Partners IP firm in Ukraine

Bragarnyk & Partners firm was started in 2008 and today demonstrate sound experience in the practices of IPR, in field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals with strong IP information services.

In accordance with the needs of the customers of Bragarnyk & Partners firm offers a wide range of standard services with a fixed budget and within the shortest possible time, as well as individually developed products focused on customer's requirements, allowing to monitor the process and make adjustments to the process, based on the intermediate results. 

We serve our clients on:
Patenting in Ukraine and Abroad
TM Registration in Ukraine and Abroad
Registration Industrial designs in Ukraine and Abroad
Patent and Trademark Search (Pharmaceuticals and Generics)
IP Monitoring (Pharmaceuticals and Generics)

In 2017 we started project - list of active and expired Ukrainian patents protecting pharmaceuticals, facilitating launch of generics after patent expiration.

Pharmascan®Pharmaceutical patent expiration monitoring (SPC expiration monitoring, Pharmascan)

Address: 60/5, Lomonosova str., app.43, 03189, Kyiv, Ukraine